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One of my specialties is helping students prepare for all sections of the ACT and SAT. This work is individualized for each student. Unlike test prep companies, I don't review material your teen already knows or skim over areas he or she needs extra time on.

We focus on specific things your teen needs to know or practice, while helping your teen feel as relaxed and focused as possible. 

Your teen builds the confidence, and skills to boost their score.  

Click here for more details about my approach vs what your teen will get with test prep classes offered by test prep companies.

My background in this area includes:

  • Graduating summa cum laude from Harvard
  • More than 20 years of one-on-one tutoring students at a variety of skill levels prepare for the ACT and SAT.
  • Co-developing a comprehensive online course with an educational company to help students prepare for both the ACT and SAT (the old version), which included helping to create lessons on how to approach the tests as well as scores of realistic sample questions for practice.
  • Teaching classes for a test prep company and investigating the curricula of other test prep services.
  • Studying the approaches offered in books such as the ACT Prep Black Book and elsewhere.


Note: These rates are for standardized test preparation only. Please see my RATES page for academic tutoring rates.

Individual Sessions:

Package Deals:
I don't offer package deals because one size doesn't fit all. Some students need a month of math review. Others need none. Some students are scoring high in science. Some are scoring low. The time needed depends on the actual person I'm working with, their commitment, and available time.

I use a structured approach in evaluating where a student is and what he or she may need. I build a program based on that.

"Chris is an extraordinary teacher. Rarely in my time in education have I seen a teacher who accomplishes so much, with so little and leaves everyone around him with the sense that the task was effortless. Entering Chris’ classroom one gets an immediate feel for the very careful, productive, yet casual rapport he has with each of his students... Chris’ classes are so enjoyable and engaging that each time I am in the room, I have to force myself not to participate because he and his students seem to be having so much fun, regardless of the task at hand… [He] creates an atmosphere that is as challenging and engaging as it is enjoyable.... Chris is one of the best and most natural teachers with whom I have ever worked."

—Saul Drevitch, Former Head of Arrowsmith Academy